When I saw the 350 Legend at the SHOT show back in January, I immediately wanted to test how it performed on feral hogs. The Ranch Rifle comes threaded for a suppressor, and the 350 Legend should work with most 9mm cans. The .350 Legend is an excellent deer cartridge, given certain ballistic constraints. Upgrade or build your next rifle with one of our AR-15 .350 Legend Upper Receivers. The VX-Freedom 3-9x40 350 Legend perfectly compliments it with a pre-calibrated dial all setup with the 350's ballistics. The .350 Legend is one of the most mild-mannered centerfire hunting cartridges I’ve fired. I'm looking into picking up a rifle in 350 Legend, and the thread on the barrel is 1/2 x 28 (9mm). THE WORLD’S […] I have two builds for the 350 using CMMG 16" barrels, I've loaded .357 pistols bullets and .358 rifle bullets. Find Bulk 350 legend ammunition fast and cheap with Americas best ammunition search engine. Recoil is little more than a slight shove, and the impact is mitigated by the XPR’s Inflex recoil pad. About AR15.COM. (The minimum for 223 is 2.165″, and the maximum is 2.260 AR-15 350 Legend 12.5" Mlok Tactical Upper Assembly - The new 350 Legend is an upgrade to your standard AR-15 platform in pistol length. Super Suppressed ammunition is optimized for firearms equipped with suppressors. I'm looking for either a basic flash hider or a comp. He has worked loads up to 209 grain cast bullets. Can I reload 350 Legend using 223 Rem/5.56mm brass? Armory » Silencers. Year-round, you can find ammo at less than 50₵ per round, which isn’t 5.56 NATO cheap, but is thrifty. However, 350 Legend uses the same .378 nominal rim diameter as 223 Rem. Welcome the .350 Legend. Have a 200 yard shot? The 450 Bushmaster has difficulty being suppressed, as it’s too powerful for most .45 ACP pistol suppressors. The all-new 350 Legend is a highly adaptable straight-walled cartridge that is ideal for subsonic applications with suppressed firearms. What is the 350 Legend parent case? It was designed primarily to offer a centerfire AR option for deer hunters who live in states that only allow deer hunting with straight-walled cartridges like the .375 Winchester, .444 Marlin, .450 Bushmaster and .45-70 Government. Five 350 Legend loads were announced at the cartridge’s SHOT Show 2019 launch, three of which were in production and available on store shelves as of mid-June: (l. to r.) a 145-gr. Winchester developed the 350 Legend to be the fastest straight-wall case hunting cartridge in the world. NOW SHIPPING 350 LEGEND OFFERINGS CMMG’s line of 350 Legend offerings are now available. While the performance of the .350 Legend is excellent, the cost of the cartridge is another attraction. Winchester produces millions of rounds of .223 Rem. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a … (The case length for 223 is 1.760″.) Hunters both, and suppressor owners hit the trade show floor to discuss this 265gr Open Tip Range suppressed round. The 350 minimum cartridge overall length is 2.125″ and the maximum is 2.260″. Model Number: 26985 Caliber: 350 Legend Stock Flat Dark Earth Synthetic; Feature Compact; Sights None - Scope Rail Installed; Barrel Length 16.38" 41.6 cm; Material Alloy Steel; Capacity 5; Magazine AR-Style; Twist 1:16" RH; Finish Matte Black; Weight 6 lb. When Winchester introduced the .350 Legend, it became the hot new cartridge of 2019. AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. Since the .350 Legend uses brass that starts off on the same machines, it is relatively simple to produce in large quantities. Compare 350 legend ammo from the top online retailers to find the lowest price. The all-new 350 Legend is a highly adaptable straight-walled cartridge that is ideal for subsonic applications with suppressed firearms. One other advantage of the .350 Legend not mentioned in the text, greater magazine capacity. It’s widely accepted that 1,000 ft-lbs of residual energy is the minimum required to kill a deer with a well-placed shot. It’s the only rifle … ... two 180-grain Power Points in Super X and Hog Special and a 265-grain Open Tip Super Suppressed. The niche is all of the "shotgun" states are starting to allow straight wall cartridges of 1.800 length and less. Super Suppressed™ ammunition is engineered for noise reduction, decreased barrel/suppressor fouling and recoil mitigation. The end result of a suppressed .350 Legend could be known as the quietest rifle cartridge to ever see SAAMI certification. 200 Round Case of 350 Legend 255 Grain Open Tip Range Winchester Super Suppressed Ammo For Sale. At this writing there is a paucity of internal and exterior ballistics, but SAAMI has stated that the 145-grain FMJ Flat Nose exits a 16” barrel at 2,250 fps. 350 Legend has no parent case. The .350 Legend touted by Winchester, the innovator of this all-new caliber ammunition as “The fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge in the world” Designed especially for hunters and sporting shooters, .350 Legend is a great new addition to your arsenal. Shop Winchester SUPER SUPPRESSED .350 Legend 255 grain Subsonic Open Tip Range Centerfire Rifle Ammunition | 14% Off Be The First To Review Winchester SUPER SUPPRESSED .350 Legend 255 grain Subsonic Open Tip Range Centerfire Rifle Ammunition + Free Shipping over $49. Although Winchester offers a subsonic .350 Legend load (Super Suppressed) with 265-grain bullets, the .366-350 will allow loading bullets with longer … On the same day I tested the .350 Legend I sighted in a 6mm Creedmoor rifle, and to my great surprise, the recoil from the Winchester was notably less. Winchester’s initial .350 Legend factory ammunition offerings include (from left) a 145-grain FMJ, a 150-grain Deer Season XP, and a 180-grain Power-Point. While the .350 Legend has plenty of great features, it wouldn’t mean anything if companies declined to manufacturing rifles chambered in it. 350 offers a significant increase in velocity and energy without having to buy a specialty bolt. IMO, the load data for that cartridge is a very good starting point for the 350 Legend. SKU # - SUP350. The 350 Legend shellcase is a new design that maximizes terminal performance while optimizing the ability to extract from a variety of firearms. 350 Legend Suppressed. See our complete line-up below. (Many will want to argue that the .300 BLK is, but the .300 BLK is a rifle cartridge with a case full of pistol powder. Winchester claims that the .350 Legend is the fastest production straight-walled hunting cartridge in … Super Suppressed™ ammunition is engineered for noise reduction, decreased barrel/suppressor fouling and recoil mitigation. The case mouth, labeled C in the image above, measures .3780″, and the case length is 1.710″. But at 200 yards – which is a distance Winchester has been citing in regards to the bullet’s effectiveness – … If you have not jumped on the 350 Legend bandwagon yet there is still plenty of time to do so and Savage Arms is unveiling a flurry of offerings this summer to tempt you to join the party. 350 Legend 170 gr InterLock ® American Whitetail ® Item #81196 | 20/Box . Winchester 350 Legend 265gr Super Suppressed OTP A new addition in 2020, no sooner than it was announced at SHOT Show the anticipation for this suppressed round began. My question is, can you use any 9mm muzzle device, or just specific ones? Barrels are also available for individual purchase. Personally I think the 350/358 Legend could be a very flexible rifle, suppressed and un-suppressed, especially for someone living in a straight-wall only hunting state and did not need much over 200 yards range. Simply turn the dial to the number 2, hold dead on, and send it. Winchester’s New .350 Legend. Supercharge your AR-15 in one easy step!Features:Barrel Length: 12.. The .350 Legend is a blue-light special (if you remember that analogy) in comparison. every month for the U.S. military. With increased velocity, energy, and stopping power, the 350 Legend is quickly becoming the straight-wall cartridge of choice. That means the hunter wouldn’t need an additional suppressor for hunting should they already have one for their 9mm. .350 Legend Cost Advantage. The .350 Legend (9×43 mm), also called 350 LGND, is a SAAMI-approved straight-walled hunting cartridge developed by Winchester Repeating Arms.The cartridge was designed for use in American states that have specific regulations for deer hunting with straight-walled centerfire cartridges. The 350 Legend is rated at a maximum average pressure of 55,000 psi. Opening day of deer season comes only once a year. This includes three different complete rifles in our RESOLUTE line, as well as upper receivers and magazines that can be paired with your existing AR15 lower. 350 Legend Suppressed Ammo. 350 Legend Ammo Super Suppressed Based on the numbers, the 350 Legend will probably be a fine cartridge for shorter ranges, say up to 100, 150 yards. If I didn't already have a 30 cal suppressor and two 300 BO guns I would be seriously temped (maybe more so by 357 AR-Max). It will be a hit in those states, the 450B is already a big hit and this round is faster, less recoil, and the best part for many is the ammo is going to be about half the cost of 450B.
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