At Lonely Sculpture we're passionate about object-mediated human-to-human connections.

Using this object, in combination with your smartphone and favourite mobile dating app, ensures the maximum number of possible connections and real life human relationships.

Originally developed as a New Media Artwork by Australian artist Tully Arnot, the object became a global phenomenon with international press, a number of imitators and even a class teaching how to construct your own version.

Most of this media coverage originated from technology and culture websites, which led to an overwhelming number of enquiries to purchase Lonely Sculpture; not as an artwork, but as a functional object to improve the user's everyday lives.

At Lonely Sculpture, we were able to licence the design of this object, removing it from the art world so it can be part of the everyday. It's kind of like a reverse-readymade.

Lonely Sculpture, Automate your Love Life™.


Lonely Sculpture has been engineered to swipe YES to the maximum possible number of profiles per minute, based on the refresh rates of popular mobile dating apps. More swipes means more connections.

It's constructed from high quality durable plastic as well as cast silicone which has been specially formulated to replicate the feel of a real human finger. With an easy push button switch and supplied 5V power supply, it's always ready to go.

Lonely Sculpture “swipes right” to 70 profiles per minute, or 4200 profiles per hour. That's over 100,000 profiles daily, and an impressive 1 MILLON potential matches in only 9 and a half days.


The new, functional object based Lonely Sculpture will be officially launched at UNSW Galleries in Paddington at 5:30pm on the 4th of September 2015. The launch party will also coincide with a number of exhibitions held at the gallery.

The classic, “artwork” version of Lonely Sculpture, by Tully Arnot, is currently in an exhibition at Blue Oyster Project Space in Dunedin, New Zealand. Until the 26th of September 2015.

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